CEU Event: Dog Cognitive Research and Your Business

When: Ongoing
Where: Online


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Researchers have learned more about how dogs think and reason in the last ten years than in the past century. Dogs are often view by many (though perhaps not by professional trainers), as just cute, fun, affectionate and loyal. They are perhaps not always perceived as very "bright" as compared to some other species. Recent cognitive research has uncovered that through thousands of years of human interaction, dogs have developed skills and capabilities that are unique within the animal kingdom. This event will highlight recent findings about dog intelligence as well as how, as unique individuals, they perceive the world. This event will also touch on how the findings in canine cognition- combined with ate new Dognition service - may help professional trainers design more effective training programs. Suggestions will be based on the unique, personal cognitive styles of the dogs in your training program.

Speaker(s):Dr. Brian Hare

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