CEU Event: E Spay/Neuter of Dogs: What every dog trainer should know

When: 01/10/2018 1:00pm to 01/10/2018 3:00pm
Where: Online


CPDT-KSA Knowledge: 0.00 CBCC-KSA Knowledge: 2.00
CPDT-KSA Skills: 0.00 CBCC-KSA Skills: 0.00


Hormones influence the behaviour and well-being of dogs in many ways. In order to make a reasonable decision about when and if an individual dog should be neutered, it is important to know how the sex hormones work in the body. The webinar will help you to understand the role of the various hormones in the body, the interaction between the different hormones and the connection between the hormones, the nervous system and the immune system, the so-called psychoneuroendocrinoimmunology. Dr. Daniela Zurr is a veterinary surgeon who works both in the field of behavioral medicine and as a general practitioner. She is known for making scientific and medical information accessible to everyone. This webinar is aimed at dog trainers and dog owners who want to understand what is going on in their dogs and want to make conscious decisions about the welfare of their dogs. Several case studies will help to show the advantages and disadvantages of castration in dogs.

Speaker(s):Dr. Daniela Zurr

 Web: http://www.dog-ibox.com/