Board Member Profile – P. Leigh Sansone


P. Leigh Sansone


Montgomery, Alabama.

Business Name:

Ruff Customers Dog Training


I love to knit, and my favorite night-out activities are karaoke and “escape rooms”

Favorite Food:

I fluctuate between Thai and Indian food most days. I like it really, really hot.

Wine or Beer?

Do I really have to choose? If so, Irish whiskey.

Causes Important to Leigh:

Making puppy mills and puppy sales in stores illegal nationally

One thing most people don’t know about you?

I’m often fairly outspoken, therefore people don’t realize that I’m shy in certain social situations.

How long have you been training dogs professionally?

I started training dogs professionally in August of 2006, working at Petco. At the time, I was also still practicing law, so I was literally moonlighting as a dog trainer.

What motivated you to join the CCPDT Board of Directors?

As a lawyer representing children with disabilities, I benefited from working within an industry that is recognized as a serious profession. I would love to see dog training and behavior consulting rise toward that ideal and garner that sort of respect in public perception. The CCPDT is a big piece of that puzzle.

What do you find most rewarding about being a dog trainer

I spent 15 years in a career dedicated to the service of people, and dog training is similar in that way. What is different—and what I truly enjoy—is working with the dogs directly. I’m lucky: I get to realize that dream, working with the ASPCA behavior department.