Board Member Profile – Carol Hutelmyer

2017-04-01 14_15_30 (1)Carol Hutelmyer, MSN, RN

Secretary & Public Member

How long have you been training dogs professionally?

As the public member, my role on the board is to represent the interests of the dog owning public. While I have never been a professional dog trainer, I have owned four dogs and used the services of dog trainers for each of them. I have a great appreciation for the knowledge and skills of professional dog trainers. Certification is the best method of insuring that dog trainers have those skills!

What motivated you to join the CCPDT Board of Directors?

A friend who raises puppies for Canine Companions for Independence recommended me. The interview process convinced me of the importance of the CCPDT.

Skydiving, scary movies, or exploring a new city? What’s your idea of thrill seeking?

No skydiving, but skiing and traveling to other countries are favorites. I most recently went hot air ballooning in Turkey. Just beautiful!


Philadelphia, PA


People and their pets.

Causes important to you?

My professional life was in Nursing. I am most concerned about the health care needs of persons living in Philadelphia.

Favorite Movie/Food

Star Wars, Middle Eastern food

If money were no object, how would you spend your days?

Traveling with friends and with my pooch.

Wine/ Beer/ or favorite cocktail?

Martinis, dry.